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Alameda Food Bank Suspends Food Donations From Individual Sources

Loading/Unloading Boxes Of Food

Temporary COVID Safety Procedures in Effect for Staff and Volunteers

The Alameda Food Bank has been gratefully receiving food donations from neighbors who have a surplus and giving it to neighbors who don’t since 1977. Helping to eliminate food waste while eradicating food insecurity is our main objective and this community has always risen to the challenge.

Since we began, our red collection barrels were a fixture all over town. They are, clearly, the most recognizable symbol of our mission. However, due to COVID, these barrels have been stored away and receiving food donations from individuals in person isn’t an option at this time.

In order to maintain social distancing at our warehouse distribution center, we have to limit the number of volunteers working on each shift. At the same time, we are faced with a tenfold increase in the number of people requesting our services. We have planned diligently to create a safe environment for our staff and volunteers in order to maximize food distribution. In essence, we designed an effective “Food Bank Bubble” that puts our workers’ well-being first.

This meant we had to make the difficult decision to limit exposure to those outside our circle. The hands-on/face-to-face requirements involved in accepting and sorting food donations from individuals falls into that category. We just don’t have the staff or the volunteer hours available to process individual food donations right now. Neither are we willing to take the risk of exposing our dedicated workers to even the tiniest possibility of infection. We must choose safety first, above all else.

There IS light at the end of the tunnel. We look forward to the day when our red collection barrels, once again, fan out all over the island ready to accept your food donations or we see your smiling faces when you drop off bags of canned goods or backyard produce on our loading dock.

Until that time, did you know that cash donations allow us to buy $7 worth of food for every $1 donated? That added purchasing power goes a long way towards feeding the most vulnerable in our community.

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The Food Bank was founded in 1977 by a group of concerned local citizens who saw the need in the community for a source of free food for those in need.

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