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Alameda High School Team Creates New Logo for Alameda Food Bank

The Alameda Food Bank (AFB) has a brand new logo, thanks to the diligence, insight and creativity of three Alameda High School students.
Seniors Talia Grumet, and Hailey Jiang and Junior Janine Barot developed the logo under the direction of their instructor, Andrea Szeto, in their Advanced Multimedia Art class during the spring semester.

The students were one of 10 teams that selected local businesses and nonprofits from among a large number of applicants, then spent the term developing new logos through continuous interaction with their clients.

Talia said her team selected AFB over nine other groups because “Alameda Food Bank is a non-profit that works for the benefit of the community. We felt that creating a logo for this organization would be more fulfilling than creating one for the other organizations we had as options.” Janine added, “We wanted to give something back to them for always helping the community.”

The creative process involved multiple meetings with AFB representatives to gain an understanding of the organization and what it wanted to achieve with its new logo. “We heard that they wanted something colorful and simple,” Janine said, “and that they wanted to stand out from other food banks in Northern California.”

“We understood that AFB wanted to create an embracing and friendly impression,” Hailey added. “That’s why we created the logo of a stylized human embracing fruits.” The fresh, colorful fruits depicted in the logo reflect the mission and style of AFB, Talia said.

AFB Executive Director Cindy Houts is thrilled with the result. “The students nailed it,” she said. “The logo captures the welcoming spirit of the organization and its commitment to providing only the freshest food to its clients.”

The Board of Directors approved the new logo design enthusiastically, said Board President Rebecca Rivkyn, who coordinated the work with the students. “This is a fresh new logo depicting the fresh food we give our clients every day,” she said. “It also represents the fresh new look we are taking at the organization and how it fulfills its mission.”

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