Volunteer Profile: Peter and Margie

Quite often, people find the Alameda Food Bank through a circuitous route. Perhaps none so roundabout as volunteers, Margie and Peter Benziger. They set sail from Miami in January of 2010 aboard their 47-foot sailboat, Peregrina, arriving in Alameda last November after circumnavigating the world!

These intrepid adventurers traveled 47,000 miles and visited 44 countries in the course of the past nine years “…living the dream” as Peter describes it and “making great friends and priceless memories along the way.”

Over the course of the next nine years, they crossed the Pacific, South China Sea, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean and, after transiting the Panama Canal a second time, up the Pacific coast of Central America to Mexico, the Sea of Cortez and, finally, California where they docked their boat at Marina Village Yacht Harbor and claimed Alameda as their new home.

Not long after settling in, they began to look for ways to serve their community. Walking through Jean Sweeney Park one day, they literally stumbled on the Alameda Food Bank. Margie notes, “We had been active in our church back in Miami serving meals at a local soup kitchen so volunteering at the Food Bank seemed like a natural extension of our commitment to service.”

You’ll find Margie and Peter helping our guests at the Food Bank on Tuesday afternoons. Peter speaks fluent Spanish, so he is a big help with members of the Hispanic community. Margie, who has a professional background in Public Relations, has joined the Communications Committee. They both enjoy getting to know our clients as well as the other volunteers and are proud to be part of the Alameda Food Bank family.