Client Profile: Joshua Just Needed Time to Breath

When we met Joshua he looked like any other 19-year-old young man coming home from his first full-time job. He wore a button down shirt with a company logo on it, well pressed khaki pants, and nice loafers. The only difference was the scared, lost expression on his face.

You see Joshua had recently been kicked out of the house after his parents discovered he was gay. We didn’t know where he was living at the time, but like a number of our clients, he had no ability to cook or refrigerate food. That’s something we’re always ready to accommodate.

We not only helped him with food that day, we also walked him through all the programs we offer so he knew he wouldn’t go hungry. After speaking with our volunteers and staff, who also pointed him in the direction of other services and help, he knew he had found the support he needed.

After a couple of month we stopped seeing Joshua. Like many of our clients he just needed someone to help him through a rough patch and give him a moment to breathe. He’s a smart young man and we’re sure he moved on to better things.