Founded in 1977, the Alameda Food Bank is a non-profit organization that helps Alameda residents in need by providing nourishing food in a compassionate and respectful manner with the support of dedicated volunteers and local partners.

A Port to Call Home
After nine year sailing around the world, AFB volunteers Peter and Margie decided to give the land-lubbing life another shot. They found their way to our amazing island and, lucky for us, to the Alameda Food Bank.
2019: Thank you Alameda for another incredible year
Food drives, bake sales, lemonade stands, thousands of volunteer hours… the list of reasons we love our fellow Islanders is a long one. 2019 was a truly memorable year for us, click the photo to find out more.
SNAP Cutbacks Will Affect 100s of Thousands
Federal government wants to make it harder for low income people to get food stamps.



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